1975 Black Lung Song: Paul Williams – “Lord Help Me Get My Black Lung Check”

Below is a video that allows you to listen to an obscure song that takes a humorous approach to an Eastern Kentucky coal miner’s pursuit of black lung benefits.

The song “Lord Help Me Get My Black Lung Check” is performed by Paul Williams. It was released in March 1975 as a 45 on Jewell Records, which was based out of Mt. Healthy, OH (a suburb of Cincinnati).

The song is meant to recount the prayer of a miner named Lucious.  The chorus goes:  “I’ve got social security and a miner’s pension too, and them food stamps they help to see me through.  But I’m a-hoping and a-praying, but I ain’t got it yet.  Lord help me get my black lung check.”

I hope that ole’ Lucious from Grapevine, Kentucky got his in this world or the next.

3 Responses to “1975 Black Lung Song: Paul Williams – “Lord Help Me Get My Black Lung Check””

  1. Doc Holliday

    Evan……getting a coal mining song that Tony Oppegaard has not heard is quite a coup. I have been trying to find one for about 10 years and so far Tony already had them all.

    BUT……..I am working on a song – Lord Help Me Get My Black Lung Attorney’s Fee………I am looking for co-writers……..you can contact me at BR-549 or see me in Bristol. I am hoping for Sam Petsonk………….. 🙂

    PS……..be thinking of words that rhyme with “fee”

    Doc Holliday

  2. Glen posey

    we have tried twice. we from Pinevill Ky and have been truned down now I’am 63 yrs old worked in the coalmines since I was 13 yrs old I worked over 27 yrs and I have all kind of breathing problems now and They just want let do I have had lawers but they drop my case when its all my most time for the hearing .what must bro coal minner do ?


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