Johns Hopkins Will Not Reopen Black Lung Program

The Center for Public Integrity reports today that Johns Hopkins terminated its black lung program following criticism brought on by the Center for Public Integrity/ABC News investigation into the practices of its employee, Dr. Paul Wheeler.

Following a recent inquiry by the Center for Public Integrity, Jania Matthews, a spokesman for Johns Hopkins Medicine, said, “The program has been suspended since November 1, 2013 and, following a thorough review, will not be resumed.”

As of today, Matthews did not provide further information about why Johns Hopkins decided not to reopen the program.

Matthews also said that Dr. Wheeler retired.

This news comes on the heels of an announcement by DOL and NIOSH of a quality assurance program for B-Readers who provide x-ray readings for black lung claims (see today’s previous post here).

This blog has also covered the responses to the controversy around Dr. Wheeler by the Department of Labor (see previous post here), Senators (see previous post here), and federal judges (see previous post here).

3 Responses to “Johns Hopkins Will Not Reopen Black Lung Program”

  1. Marsha

    I am crying for my dead husband.
    My life has been threatened.
    Greed, corruption, caused untold suffering.


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