Notice Regarding Email Issue and Posts You May Have Missed

For some reason, we were having some issues with emails properly going out to our subscribers for the past few weeks.

We think we solved it by changing the email address that the emails are routed through (they now go through so you may want to change any relevant filters you have on your email).

There were a few posts that subscribers may have missed due to the error on our end.

First, on March 2nd, we put up a post about a radio interview with Dr. David Blackley of NIOSH and retired coal miner Howard Cook from Letcher County, KY that ran on NPR’s “Here and Now” show:

Second, on March 18th, we put up a post about two recent medical literature reviews of Coal Mine Dust Lung Disease:

Third, on March 21st, we put up a post about a Sixth Circuit decision affirming a miner’s award of black lung benefits and holding that an ALJ can properly give weight to the opinion of a doctor whose opinion does not address subsequent evidence:

Thanks for subscribing and let us know if the email issues continue.

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